The first words of the Czech national anthem are unusual in that they pose a question, and thus contain a moment of doubt, personal as well as collective inquiry. Today, this question is once again a topical one due to the fact that today’s society is rife with uncertainty, dissatisfaction and feelings of frustration. If the idea of home is traditionally connected primarily with a feeling of certainty and security, it is logical that growing uncertainty and frustration from public life lead the public in no small measure to withdraw into privacy and cease to participate in public affairs – in creating a wider, “shared” home – a city, province or region. These resignations are taken advantage of by political opportunists and demagogues who fill this vacated public space with nationalist rhetoric.


The Where Is My Home? Project is based on the conviction that everyone should have the opportunity to answer this question and to participate in the creation of a shared home. The goal of the project is to provide opportunities and inspiration for such participation, and at the same time to interconnect existing as well as new initiatives. The authors of the concept are Jaroslav Anděl, Leoš Válka, Michaela Šilpochová and the DOX team.